The Antler and The Piano

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THE ANTLER & THE PIANO, by Amber Halland

(The names of the venues have been omitted to save face for the piano owners:)

There is something to be said about the greatness of showing up somewhere to sing and not lugging in a keyboard (let alone a keyboard in an extremely large case I mistakenly bought 2 sizes too big which resembles more of a coffin than a case – I mean nothing is breakin’ through that sucker).  So, when I have the option to just jump on any available piano I usually take it.  This approach has worked fine in some cases – like in Chicago when my friends and I found our way to an open mic contest, passed a hat aruond, and made $40 bucks for the cab ride back,  or when we bribed the hotel manager to let us entertain the hotel guests (or ourselves actually) on their perfectly in tune, grand in the lobby.

But it seems that for planned venues, this “fly by the seat of my pants” approach may save my back and allow for a cuter pair of shoes during load in, it doesn’t always go so well as it did in Chicago.  But it does help grow my repertoire of hilarious moments.  These moments cause me to think “maybe this wasn’t a good idea” – while I’m burning red in the face trying to get through another chorus of “Find Me Beautiful” thinking that I’m not sure this piano had ever been tuned.  Sitting in an old chair that resembled the vinyl seats from a 60′s diner, I stared into the hood less upright fearful that something may jump out at me.  Something furry, and maybe even with fangs.  At another event, I was pretty sure I would get lead poisoning or at least a severe sliver from the crusted keys.  And while I try to put my back into it and really give the crowd what they want while belting out “Secrets”, I hold back a bit wondering  – “did I get my tetanus shot?”  Ashley says I’m a hypochondriac, and Mike says I really should not be afraid of animals with fangs.  But, hey these things really happen!

But, this blog post was inspired by my most recent and favorite piano of all.  It wasn’t scary, and it was even in tune!  However, it did cause a problem when Ashley and I tried desperately to keep a straight face and  failed miserably  when we burst out laughing while I played an old upright with the lid held high by the only sturdy thing we could find laying around – an antler.  Why not?  I may have been a vegetarian at one time, but I have never had anything against the usefulness of antlers!

While these strange piano sightings may spice up our lives and our blogs, I just have to admit that maybe not wanting to load in my keyboard is not wise and, well,  just plain lazy.  God deserves more, I decided.  And from now on I will do my best to show up prepared, keyboard in hand, ready and able to give it my all.

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