The Halland Sisters

Halland’s Paradigm is a classic soul sound with an occasional sweet surprise.  You’ll hear the same enticing lyrics and the distinctively ” Halland” vocals with a modern edge thanks to the new band members and a whole new meaning thanks to a shift in Amber Halland’s paradigm – Do you see it?


Sisters, Amber Halland and Ashley Halland’s look and new sound  may shout urban, but they grew up in no place other than Fargo, ND.  Both Amber and Ashley found their love of performing at an early age, playing the piano, singing, writing music, recording, and performing with their own band throughout their school years.  After school they each followed their music to separate venues, Amber Halland studied alongside Nashville writers like Dennis Morgan and expanded her sound at  Nashville’s music and music business college, Belmont University.  The sisters still spent their summers together touring, writing, recording, and of course just spending some quality sister time together while performing throughout the Midwest.   As their sound progressed, Amber Halland found she needed more to write about. And more is what she got. She began to prepare for her next recording project writing fervently about real life.


Waving goodbye to the Nashville scene in the summer of 2001, Amber Halland took her new sound and met up with her sister Ashley this time in Minneapolis, MN. Working with producer, Patrik Tanner (Tina and the B-sides, Martin Zellar), the project began to create itself. Throughout the fall of 2001, Amber Halland recorded her second LP, but her first creation out that she felt was ”real”.   Talking with an Embryo was recorded at both Oarfin Records and Echo Bay Productions in Minneapolis. Patrik Tanner provided virtually all of the instrumentation. Minneapolis’ Scott LeGere added another dimension with his talents on the Piano, Rhodes, and Hammond. Ashley Halland sings BGV’s blending only like blood can. Patrik Tanner’s instrumentation providesinterest and support for each song allowing Amber’s lyrics and raw directness to flow past the surface. This album was obviously a step from Nashville to the Midwest mixing country influences with modern rock.

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